Cook Along

Technology has made the world come alive. You can bring the world cuisine into your home without having the trouble to travel or leaving the comfort of your kitchen. This is exactly what my Cook Along is all about. I cook in my kitchen, you in yours and we talk via Skype via our computers – it’s that easy.  I’ve even helped someone in California prepare a fabulous meal.

It was really difficult for me when I was learning to cook, to follow recipes from cook books, I was always getting it wrong, had to try a few times before I got it right; I did not know how to substitute ingredients, no one to ask for help. Some of the terminologies used in cook books I did not understand, if I had had the opportunity then to Cook Along with a cook or chef, I would have jumped at the opportunity as it would have made things easier for me.

As parents, at times, it is not easy to plan school runs and routines and still fit in going to cooking clubs or cookery classes, but if you had the time, you would. With Cook Along, you plan the time to suit you. It is like having your own cook at home. It also gives you the opportunity to cook dishes you never would have thought of attempting by using a cook book.

Most of the guests who have had the opportunity to come to Stella’s Kitchen have always asked me for different recipes, as soon as I start explain the usual reaction is “Oh I will come sometime and you show me” but with Cook Along, you can do it in the comfort of your home.

You can now organise your dinner party using my sample menus and book to Cook Along, and we can do it from start to finish, and trust me your guests will love it. So if you have been struggling with those lovely dishes you have eaten at Stella’s Kitchen and want to try cooking it yourself, then book a Cook Along.

Call me and we can plan it all.